Dear Camper,

When I first attended Camp Sunshine Dreams, I couldn’t believe that such a wonderful place existed.  Camp was more fun than I could have ever imagined.  There were so many fun things to do like arts and crafts, campfires, archery, sailing, time at the waterfront, and a camp dance.  My favorite were the campfires!  We sang silly songs, watched and performed hilarious skits and really bonded together as a camp.

Before I went to camp for my very first time, I was a little nervous to be away from my parents and also nervous because I didn’t know too many other kids there.  After I got to camp and met all of the counselors and other kids, I knew I had nothing to worry about.  Everyone was so nice and caring.  The best part of camp to me was simply being surrounded by other kids that knew exactly what it was like to have cancer.  None of my friends at home knew what that was like, but the kids at camp did.  I loved whenever the entire camp was together, whether it was at campfire, eating in the cafeteria, or at the waterfront.  It felt great just to be an other “typical” kid there.  When I was at camp, I wasn’t the one that was different or sick.  No one cared if I looked different and I could talk to lots of other kids about stuff at the hospital or the things I was going through.

I think when you’re a kid with cancer, your one wish is to just be normal.  For one week, when I was at camp, this wish was granted.

Oh yeah, and the food is really good too!!